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Starting Your Club
The first steps
Club Committee Structure and roles
Developing a Constitution
Sample Constitution
Setting up an Incorporated Society
Tax Information for Sports Club
President/Chairperson Sample Position Description
Secretary Sample Position Description
Treasurer Sample Position Description
Communications Officer Position Description
Coaching Coordinator  Sample Position Description
Volunteer Coordinator Sample Position Description
Volunteer Coach Position Description

Introduction to Planning
Strategic Plan Template
SWOT Analysis Template
Annual Business Plan Template
Running an Effective Meeting
Meeting Agenda/Minutes Template
Introduction to Financial Management
Club Organisational Chart
Fees Policy Template
Budget Template
Equipment Register Template
Equipment Sign Out Sheet Template
Expense Reimbursement Template

Volunteer Recognition
Volunteer Recognition Plan Template
A Guide To Volunteer Management
Guidelines for Volunteer Recognition
Reimbursement of Volunteers
Volunteer Welcome Pack
Volunteer Application Form
Volunteer Coordinator Role Description
Volunteer Management Policy
Volunteer Recruitment Plan
Volunteer Role List Template
Volunteer Survey

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Community Sport Partnerships
Benefits of Sport Partnerships

Health & Safety

SportNZ Health & Safety Information
SportNZ Risk Management of Events

Communications & Sponsorship

Funding Hints
Tips on managing complaints
Event management checklist template
Marketing Plan example
Newsletter Template
Respect Codes of Conduct for Spectators Parents
Codes of Conduct for Volunteers
Risk Management Template

Sports Rage

Sports Rage Tips for Administrators
Sports Rage Tips for Coaches
Sports Rage Tips for Officials
Sports Rage Tips for Parents
Sports Rage Tips for Players