Got a question you think Sport Waikato might be able to help with? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or Contact Us if you can't find what you need here.


How can I find out what classes, sport or activities are available in my area?

We have a great Be Active database with lots of clubs, classes and activities in your area. You can search by district, sport or key word and find all the options that are available to you. 

‚ÄčDo you run events or holiday programmes?

We support many community events and holiday programmes within the Waikato region, although we don't run events ourselves - we encourage participation in a variety of events throughout the districts. Check out the calendar to see what events are happening in your district. 

How can I access funding?

There are a number of organistions you can contact for more information:
Fund view 
Sport Funder 
NZ Community Trust 
Lion Foundation 
Trust Waikato 
NZ Lotteries & Grants 
Pub Charities

How do I make a complaint or provide feedback?

At Sport Waikato we pride ourselves in the delivery of high quality service to all staff and members of the public. However, if you are concerned about a service you received or feel your rights have not been met, it is important that you tell us by making a complaint. Making a complaint may help to prevent a similar thing happening to someone else and may lead to an overall improved service.

All official complaints will be taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated. Our commitment is that if any part of our service offering has been found to be below the high standards we hold ourselves to, we will put matters right and provide you with an explanation and apology.
How to make a complaint
If there is a problem with any of our services, please raise your concerns promptly by lodging your complaint under the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website or by calling our People Capability Lead, Sandri Killian on 07 858 5388.
What to expect
If you make a complaint you can expect:
  • There will be someone you can talk to about your concerns
  • Your concerns will be taken seriously
  • You will be treated with respect. This includes respect for your culture, values and beliefs
  • Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected
  • We will work with you to resolve any concern as quickly as possible
  • You will know the outcome of your complaint
  • Maaori clients, staff and their whaanau will have access to a Maaori advocate to support them during the complaints process
Please be assured that making a complaint will not affect the service or care you receive.
What happens after you make a complaint
  1. You will be acknowledged within 24 hours and will be assigned to a relevant manager.
  2. If your complaint is about a specific staff member, your complaint will be sent through to our People Capability Lead (HR).
  3. You may expect a full response from a manager within 15 working days. If it is not possible to respond within that time because of the complexity of the issue, we will let you know when to expect a reply.
  4. We will let you know the outcome of your complaint and the reasons for our decisions.
Complaint resolution
The resolution for complaints will be determined on a case by case basis and, depending on the level of complaint, the following resolutions may apply:
  1. Verbal and/or written apology
  2. Our staff undertaking further specific training
  3. Implementation and review of systems to prevent further breaches
Other places you can contact about your complaint

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been handled and wish to take it further, you may write to the Chief Executive, who can arrange to have the complaint re-assessed. Please send your letter to the Chief Executive, Sport Waikato, PO Box 46, Hamilton 3240.
Alternatively, you may also choose to make a complaint to the Health and Disability service https://www.hdc.org.nz/