Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund


The purpose of Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa is to provide quality opportunities that are accessible and create a life-long love of being active. 

We welcome applications from a wide range of organisations that provide play, active recreation and sport opportunities for tamariki and rangatahi, particularly for those that are less active. These groups include:

  • Tamariki (5-11) and rangatahi (12-18) in higher deprivation communities 
  • ​Girls and young women (5-24); and 
  • Disabled children and young people (5-18)
  • Maaori tamariki and rangatahi

FAST FUND (applications up to $30,000) 

COMMUNITY ACTIVATION FUND (applications up to $50,000)

BOTH FUNDS OPEN TUESDAY 6 JUNE and remain open with closing dates as follows: 

Round 1 –Fast Fund & Community Activation: Closing Friday 25th Aug 2023 (midnight)
Round 2 – Fast Fund & Community Activation: Closing Friday 16th Feb 2024 (midnight)
Round 3 – Fast Fund: Closing Friday 3rd May 2024 (midnight)

All applications are assessed after the close off date to the respective rounds. Applicants will be notified of their outcome via email after the assessment is complete. This usually takes about 6-8 weeks from the closing date.


Who can apply?                                                                                                   

We welcome applications from the following organisation types (please note, funded entities must have legal status): 
  • Hapū, Iwi, Marae, Māori organisations 
  • Incorporated Societies 
  • Charitable Trusts 
  • Regional or Local Council 
  • For-profit businesses/commercial organisations and social enterprises 
  • Education settings:
       - Primary/Intermediate schools/Kura
       - Secondary schools/Wharekura 
       - Tertiary Education/Whare Wānanga 
Where an organisation or group wishes to apply but has no legal status, we recommend you consider partnering with a qualifying (legal) entity.

Who cannot apply?                                                                                               


The following are not eligible to apply: 

  • National and regional organisations who receive Partnership Investment from Sport NZ (Regional Sport Trusts, National Sport and Recreation organisations) 
  • Individuals 
  • Professional or semi-professional sports teams and organisations 
  • Government agencies and their regional branches (e.g. Ministry of Health, Oranga Tamariki) 
  • Early Learning Services

What can be funded?                                                                                            

This is an activation fund that is intended to help cover the costs that are directly associated with the delivery of your activity. These costs might also address any barriers that prevent participants accessing your activity. They could include:

  • Venue or equipment hire
  • Costs of transport to the event
  • Support for volunteers or activity delivery staff
  • Equipment (only where this is required as part of a project or activity)
  • Officials, where these are required for the delivery of the opportunity
  • Costs associated with developing and promoting your activity.

We are interested in receiving applications that take innovative approaches to engaging our priority groups in quality play, active recreation and sport experiences that meet their needs.

What will not be funded?                                                                                     

The fund does not cover: 

  • Costs that are not directly required for the provision of the activity that you are applying for (such as salaries or wages for existing staff, administrative overheads etc) 
  • Costs that are already funded by other sources 
  • Costs of retrospective projects or activities (those that have already been completed or held) 
  • Costs associated with professional athletes, professional sports teams, academies, or representative teams 
  • Costs associated with professional development or capability building (such as upskilling coaches, teachers etc)
  • Capital costs (e.g. facility development and maintenance, playgrounds) 
  • Medals, prizes, giveaways, and spot prizes 

 Tū Manawa is unable to meet all the demand so has a specific focus on the costs of delivering an activity opportunity. Your Regional Sport Trust may be able to help identify funding avenues for other areas, or you could check Sport NZ's searchable funding opportunities here: 

Sports Grants NZ | Funding | Sport New Zealand - Ihi Aotearoa (sportnz.org.nz)

Application process                                                                                                

Stage 1 (optional): Applicants can firstly submit an 'Expression of Interest' to our team consisting of a few short questions. One of our team members will then make contact discuss your project and whether it fits Tu Manawa criteria.

If your project fits criteria, you may choose to proceed to a full application form. Only applicants who have completed full application forms will be considered for funding, an EOI is only an Expression of Interest.

Stage 2: Applicants who are confident their project already meets criteria can proceed to Full Application Form directly if they choose. Please note, support from our team during your application process does not immediately guarantee application approval.

Funding dates                                                                                                

Applicants can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Please ensure any projects submitted have a start date of at least 2 months ahead of submission date. Approximate turnaround time for EOI’s and Applications is 8 weeks from fund closing date (see above for these round closing dates). Where a heavy volume of applications is received at the same time, applications will be prioritised by earliest project start dates.

FAST FUND (applications up to $30,000)
COMMUNITY ACTIVATION FUNDING (applications up to $50,000)

BOTH FUNDS OPEN TUESDAY 6 JUNE and remain open with closing dates as follows: 

Round 1 –Fast Fund & Community Activation: Closing Friday 25th Aug 2023 (midnight)
Round 2 – Fast Fund & Community Activation: Closing Friday 16th Feb 2024 (midnight)
Round 3 – Fast Fund: Closing Friday 3rd May 2024 (midnight)

Applications submitted after close off will fall into the next round (all applications are assessed AFTER close off dates and can take up to 6-8 weeks from close off date).

All successful applicants are required to attend a 60 minute free online workshop delivered by Sport Waikato to help support their projects. Dates and Times will be advised upon approval.


Example documents to review before you apply                                                    

Please read the following documents (which are provided as examples only) before starting your application:

Insights, outcomes, monitoring and evaluation guidelines 
Community Guidelines Document 
Frequently Asked Questions
Tū Manawa in school/kura setting form
For external providers wanting to deliver into school settings
Te Whetu Rehua
For projects and programmes provided in a kaupapa Maaori context

Below are some sample forms to show you the information you will need when you apply online. 

Sample Expression of Interest Form 

Sample Fast Fund Application Form

Sample Community Activation Fund Application Form

Sample Budget Template 

Financial Summary Table


Ready to apply? Start here!                                                                                       



Resources to guide your application

Find deprivation areas and school deciles: Deprivation & Decile
Find geographical boundaries using the Sport NZ Insights Tool - read the how to document here
Sport NZ Te Whetu Rehua 
A framework based on five key values important for Maaori cultural and social development.

Financial Summary Table


Successful Applicants

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