Moving Waikato
A strategy to grow participation in sport, recreation and physical activity in the Waikato region

One Vision: A healthy, vibrant, physically active and successful sporting region.

Moving Waikato is the first unified strategy for sport, recreation and physical activity for the Waikato region. It seeks to build on the positive momentum of existing partnerships and to increase the provision of opportunities for both participation and sporting success for the people of the region.

The strategy has been developed in collaboration and consultation with key partners regionally and nationally and follows on from evidence gathered to guide and inform strategic decisions.

Moving Waikato provides a vision for the unified leadership of sport, recreation and physical activity in the region and gives focus and clarity. A strategy in which partnerships achieve results.

Three Strategic Priorities will guide implementation towards:

1. OUR PEOPLE: MORE ADULTS, MORE CHILDREN ‘OUT THERE AND ACTIVE’. A focus on the provision of opportunities that meet the needs of the people of our region.

2. ‚ÄčBUILDING COMMUNITIES: HELPING COMMUNITIES TO HELP THEMSELVES. A focus on quality local delivery of sport, recreation and physical activity experiences.

3. REGIONAL LEADERSHIP: LEADING AND DELIVERING CHANGE. A focus on regional and national partners working together to lead change and enhance outcomes.

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