This fund is now closed.

Sport NZ has developed a recovery package to help support play, active recreation and sport organisations in the Northland, Auckland and Waikato regions to get back on their feet following the time spent at Alert Level 3 and 4 lockdowns during 2021. 

The Regional Covid Hardship Fund aims to provide financial support to organisations that have experienced financial hardship as a result of time spent at Alert Level 3 and 4 during the period 17 August to 30 November 2021. 

Please read guidelines below or download the pdf here
If you have further questions, please see the FAQ document here.

If you need further help, please contact or phone Heidi on 021 686 959.


Who can apply?

Please use the diagram below to test your eligibility.


Community Sport and Recreation Hubs

A Sports Hub is a partnership where organisations co-locate or share facilities and/or services strategically, sometimes via an independently governed group, within a defined geographical area, to provide sustainable, quality sport and recreation experiences.

To be an eligible Sports Hub, you must be:

  • an established operating sports hub with two or more sports clubs that are affiliated to their relevant Regional Sport Organisation (RSO) or National Sports Organisation (NSO).
  • able to demonstrate that there is wider community engagement, availability and use of hub facilities and services to the wider community. 
  • able to demonstrate that you are delivering initiatives on behalf of members and wider community interests to improve rates of community participation in play, active recreation and sport.

For further information on eligibility, see the guidelines

What does the fund cover? 

This Fund is intended to help cover fixed administration and operating costs that relate to providing play, active recreation and sport experiences, for organisations that are experiencing financial hardship (through loss of revenue) caused by the impact of time Auckland spent at Alert Levels 3 and 4 (17 August – 30 November 2021).
Examples of what is covered by the fund:

  • Power, Internet, Phone costs
  • Bank Fees, Payroll Expenses

Successful Applicants

Aria Squash & Recreation Club  $945.00 
Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty  $5,000.00 
Cambridge Badminton Club Inc  $2,006.00 
Cambridge Gymsports Club Inc  $5,000.00 
Cambridge Racquets  $5,000.00 
College Old Boys Rugby League  $1,236.00 
Eastlink Community Hub  $3,912.00 
Equipotential NZ Incorporated  $10,586.00 
Hamilton Aquatics  $500.00 
Hamilton City Gymnastics  $5,000.00 
Hamilton Cricket Assoc Inc  $5,000.00 
Hamilton East Croquet Club  $4,491.00 
Hamilton Inline Hockey Club Inc  $11,247.83 
Hillcrest Bowling Club Inc  $5,000.00 
Hinuera Rugby & Sports Incorporated  $5,000.00 
Huntly Gymnastics Club Inc  $2,766.00 
Kihikihi Speedway Inc  $5,408.00 
Kirikiriroa and Saint Peter's Scout Group  $1,810.00 
Lake Taupo Yacht Club Inc  $5,000.00 
Mercer Rowing Club Inc  $4,434.00 
Mercury Bay Squash Club  $1,966.00 
Ngaruawahia Rugby Sports Club  $1,414.00 
Otorohanga Domain Sports Assoc  $2,285.00 
Paeroa L&P BMX Club Inc  $510.00 
Paeroa Rugby & Sports Club  $4,070.00 
Putaruru Rugby and Football club (manually entered)  $5,000.00 
Putaruru Squash Rackets Club  $1,977.00 
South Waikato Cricket Assoc  $500.00 
Spirit of Coromandel Trust  $1,968.00 
Squash Waikato Inc  $1,065.00 
St Andrews Indoor Bowling Club  $500.00 
Swim Waikato Inc.  $3,800.00 
Tairua Pauanui Sports Fishing Club  $5,000.00 
Taupiri Bowling Club Inc  $2,009.00 
Taupo AFC  $6,908.00 
Taupo Squash Rackets Inc  $5,000.00 
Tauranunui Rugby & Sports Club  $2,536.00 
Te Awamutu Croquet Club  $680.00 
Te Awamutu GymSports Incorporated  $2,800.00 
Te Awamutu Rowing  $2,750.00 
Te Awamutu Rugby Sports & Rec  $5,000.00 
Te Kauwhata Rugby Sports Club  $4,274.00 
Te Kuiti BMX Club Inc  $712.00 
Te Tamawai Trust (t/a The WaterBoy)  $5,296.00 
Thames Squash Rackets Club Inc  $5,000.00 
The Great Lake Taupo Hockey Association  $3,194.00 
The Hamilton Squash and Tennis Club Inc  $5,000.00 
The Home of Cycling Charitable Trust  $25,000.00 
Tokoroa AFC  $3,339.00 
Turn and Gymnastics Circle  $5,000.00 
Turua Scout Group  $651.00 
United Matamata Squash Club Inc  $2,860.00 
Waihi Inline Hockey Club  $500.00 
Waikato Badminton Assoc Inc  $10,356.00 
Waikato Basketball Council Inc  $5,669.00 
Waikato Combined Equestrian Group Inc  $13,822.00 
Waikato Diving Incorporated  $285.00 
Waikato Indoor Bowling Centre of New Zealand Incorporated  $3,062.00 
Waikato Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Assoc (Parafed)  $856.00 
Waikato Regional Volleyball Association, Inc.  $954.00 
Waikato Rugby Football League Inc  $1,126.00 
Waikato Softball  $5,129.00 
Waikato Stock and Saloon Car Club  $7,918.00 
Waikato Table Tennis Assoc  $3,904.00 
Waikato Tennis Trust  $5,000.00 
Waikato Touch Assoc Inc  $4,645.00 
Waikato Water Polo Club Inc  $7,587.00 
Waikto Valley Cricket Assc  $6,724.00 

You can download a copy of the application form here to help guide the application process before you apply using the link below:

This fund is now closed.

Before you apply, please read guidelines pdf here. If you have further questions, please see the FAQ document here. If you need further help, please contact or phone Heidi on 021 686 959.