Category Sports Clubs

District Waipa

Operational Date Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Programme Overview

Our club caters for swimmers of all ages and abilities and promotes the development of every member's swimming in a friendly, supportive family environment. We aim to provide opportunities for all swimmers to reach their goals and potential whether they be as a recreational or competitive swimmer.

We are a small community-based club that is run by volunteers who willingly give up their time to help make our club a successful one. It relies on the goodwill and support of its members.

At various times throughout the year, the Club holds carnivals and fundraising events as well as our Thursday night club races.

Summer Season: October - February
Winter Season: July - September

Monday 4.00pm or 4.30pm
Wednesday 3.30 pm or 4.00pm or 4.30pm

Stroke Development Fitness training

Tuesday 6.30-8.00am (junior squad) & 3.15-4.15pm (learn to swim) - terms 4 and 1 only
Wednesday 3.15-5.00pm (learn to swim) & 5.30-6.30pm (junior) & Swim 4 Fitness 6.30-7.30pm - terms 4 & 1 only
Thursday 6.30-8.00am (junior squad) & 3.15-4.15pm (learn to swim) - terms 4 and 1 only

Varies depending on programme

Suitable for beginners.
Disabled Access
Facilities are accessible to people with a disability.
Disabled Programme
Programme is suitable for those with a disability.
Junior Programme
Runs a programme specifically catered to children.
Caters for Women or Girls
This program caters for women.