Sport Waikato and its targeted women and girls’ initiative, This is ME®, are thrilled to announce the release of an innovative series of online modules designed to enhance physical activity for women and girls. These modules aim to equip sport and physical activity providers with the knowledge and tools necessary to create and deliver welcoming and inclusive programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of women and girls.


Despite global events held on New Zealand soil that have boosted the profile of women’s sport locally, a gap still exists when it comes to providing quality and engaging grassroots opportunities for women and girls to be active and give sport a go. According to the latest Active New Zealand survey data, 69% of Waikato females do not do enough physical activity to positively impact their health. And yet, 76% of women and 81% of young women want to be doing more physical activity. 

Since 2017 and the launch of This is ME®, Sport Waikato have recognised the importance of addressing the unique challenges that women and girls face and have continued to advocate for quality physical activity opportunities. While much has been done regionally to grow the quality and quantity of opportunities for women and girls to be active, the online modules serve to accelerate these efforts, packaging data and expertise into five, interactive modules that participants can complete in their own time. 


The online modules, developed utilising national and regional insights, cover a range of topics including:

  • What we know: Discover why women and girls require different approaches to physical activity provision.
  • Participation barriers and motivations: Learn the importance of creating an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all abilities, body types, and backgrounds.
  • Engagement: Explore strategies for developing physical activity programs that consider the diverse needs, preferences, and experiences of women and girls.
  • Marketing and promotion: Explore innovative ways to leverage technology, imagery, and messaging to enhance engagement, making it easier for women and girls to participate.
  • Retention: Develop strategies for fostering a sense of community and support to promote long-term engagement in physical activity.
The online modules are supported by an action plan, which encourages participants to apply learnings to their own environment and develop a plan to increase women and girls participation in their program or activity, with support available from the This is ME® team.


This is ME® encourages sporting organisations, clubs, and other physical activity providers to take advantage of these free modules to enhance their knowledge and skills in creating empowering physical activity experiences for women and girls.

"We believe that by empowering providers with the right tools and insights, we can make a significant impact on the wellbeing of women and girls," says Dr Amy Marfell, General Manager Regional Leadership. "These online modules serve as a valuable resource for those committed to making a positive difference in the lives of women and girls through physical activity."

The online modules are accessible through the Sport Tutor platform and are open for enrolment from today. This is ME® encourages individuals and organisations to share this opportunity with their networks, contributing to the collective effort to promote and deliver quality physical activity experiences for women and girls.

Click this link to enter or sign up to Sport Tutor and enrol in the This is ME® Provider workshop.

Dr Roxanna Holdsworth provides strategic leadership and capability building support to both Sport Waikato staff and the wider regional play, active recreation and sport sector with a focus on supporting organisations and groups to improve inclusion practices and support physical activity participation among diverse communities.

This is ME® Online Workshop: Empowering Physical Activity Providers

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