A stalwart of consistency, Keith Jamieson – also known as Jambo – has been volunteering in and around the Thames region for a number of years. His passion started when he was a competitor at the Thames Athletics Club during his primary and secondary years where he found that endurance events and especially the steeplechase was his forte. In fact he still holds the record set in 1968 for the Intermediate mile at Thames High School.

His sporting career continued into other codes during the weekends. After leaving school he ended up with an injury then went back into the Thames Harrier Club becoming a committee member and then President. He then progressed into the Thames Multisport Club, joined the committee, becoming President until it was dissolved. Following this, and after identifying a need, he initiated the concept of the “Go Girl” triathlon in Thames in 1999 and ran it for 15 years.

Since then Keith has offered his volunteering services in a variety of roles throughout the Thames area including a mainstay at the SH25 / Tararu Road intersection during the K2 Cycle Event and acting as the marshall manager for the area on a number of occasions.

Today he still volunteers at athletic and cycle events mainly in and around the Thames area where you will also regularly see him at the local schools sports events offering to help out.
Why does he continue to volunteer?
He likes doing it and it is part of his sporting life. He Loves giving back to sport and recreation after a number of injuries have limited his ability to participate in events. By volunteering Keith still feels as though he is an integral part of the event. Experience is invaluable in some of the roles he undertakes.
What is the best thing that he gains from volunteering?
In his competition days, it was meeting people throughout the country that was one of the best experiences that Keith got from sport. Nowadays it is no different, as he volunteers for events, it is meeting the visitors to the region that gives him a good vibe. The people that he did meet became friends for life and that is still the case today.

Keith – we are indebted to your attitude and services – thank you.

Celebrating Volunteers - Keith Jamieson

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