BetaMe is a self management programme based on NZ and international best practice guidelines for patients with pre-diabetes. The objective of the programme is to engage patients and improve their ability to self manage their health, by participating in a 16 week programme delivered through a mobile application.

The programme is first being run as a 16 week pilot. The aim of this pilot is to determine whether the use of a mobile application for coaching, peer and clinical support, tracking and personalised intervention results in improved self-efficacy, control of blood glucose and weight loss in pre-diabetic patients.

This pilot is run as a collaboration between Melon Health and Midlands Health Network with coaching support from Sport Waikato.  It is being independently evaluated by the Obesity and Endocrinology Department at The Mayo Clinic.

Coach Objective
The BetaMe Coach supports and promotes patient engagement in the BetaMe programme through delivering coaching that helps patients’ stay motivated and on track towards their personal health goals.  These goals are set with a BetaMe nurse with the objective of patients making behaviour changes that reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, and bringing more positive health outcomes. 

As a member of the BetaMe team, the Coach will provide fortnightly one-on-one coaching sessions with patients, individually ‘check in’ with patients every other day, and proactively participate in the BetaMe community discussions and newsfeed. 

BetaMe coaches will introduce new information to patients in line with the Melon Health BetaMe programme, encourage patients to talk about their concerns and fears, help them learn what they can control, and assist them in finding ways they can cope with things they find challenging to manage.

BetaMe Coaches provide the coaching service via individual patient to coach sessions conducted through real-time direct (private) messaging and video sessions (like Skype/facetime) and community discussions and newsfeeds within the BetaMe app.

This is a 16 week, part time contract, for 25 hours per week.

For more information or to apply, click here.

BetaMe Coach

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