Frittata it

We love starting the weekend with an egg-heavy brunch. Mix eggs with veggies for a healthy and hearty breakfast. Bonus points for making enough to munch on all week!

Add minced broccoli to scrambled eggs

This veggie addition doesn't change the texture of eggs and fits in an entire serving of veggies (at least).

Mix cauliflower into scrambled eggs

Steam and purée or finely grate cauliflower to mix with scrambled eggs. Try it with chicken or tuna salad for a full entrée.

Bake with 'em

Breakfast sweets can be packed with veggies too. Try making some travel-friendly bran muffins packed with zucchini and carrots in addition to the classic raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon.

Veg out on savory oatmeal

Classic oatmeal might be topped with brown sugar and fruit, but oats can be savory too! Cook plain oats with water and add your choice of steamed or sautéed veggies. Top with an egg for extra protein and season with salt, pepper, or a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

Try pumpkin or butternut squash pancakes or waffles

When the skillet is heating next weekend, throw some pumpkin or squash purée into pancake or waffle mix to fit in an extra serving of veggies (and get a fun orange tinge, too).

Add greens to breakfast smoothies

A handful of spinach or kale blends well with any fruit smoothie. Try the classic Green Monster by blending 1 cup milk (we love almond milk!), 1 frozen banana, 2 handfuls spinach, and 1 tablespoon almond butter.

Grab an avocado smoothie

Like the green smoothie, this avocado-based treat is perfect for breakfast or a nutritious snack. Packed with healthy fats, vitamin E, and vitamin B6, avocados are one superfood we love to liquefy.

Slurp a carrot smoothie

Carrot juice is pretty easy to find, but without a juicer at home, it's tough to make. Luckily, grated carrots are easy-peasy to fit into any fruit smoothie. Bonus: Because we're using all parts of the veggie, none of the fiber is lost from the juicing process.

Make pasta dishes go green

When spaghetti and meatballs is on the menu, add a load of extra veggies (like spinach and mushrooms) to the dish instead of opting for a boring ’ol side salad.

Experiment with veggie noodles

Use a spiralizer or julienne tool to create zucchini, squash, asparagus, or cucumber noodle and skip the pasta altogether. (Or roast spaghetti squash!) Add extra veggies to the sauce for an extra dose of nutrients.

Remember herbs are leafy greens too!

Add fresh herbs to any rice, pasta or grain dish. Or whip up a quick homemade herb pesto to add to scrambled eggs or use as a sandwich spread.

Get fancy with mac and cheese

It's a childhood favourite, but grown ups crave it too—don't lie! When the desire to demolish the whole lot sets in, add a load of fresh veggies for a dose of extra nutrients. Spinach, tomatoes, peas and broccoli make awesome additions. 

Mix the potatoes

Kumara and regular mashed potatoes are perennial favorites. To add some extra nutritional value, mix the two types 1-to-1 in a mash.

Sneak them in casseroles

Anytime that casserole dish comes out of the cupboard, get the grater out too. Finely shredded zucchini or pumpkin can be added to virtually any casserole without changing taste or texture!

Sub greens for wraps

Lettuce makes a surprisingly awesome stand-in for bread and tortilla wraps. For tougher greens like kale or chard, blanch the greens and pat dry before wrapping.

Add veggies to toasted cheese

Melted cheese between two slices of bread doesn’t have much green value. Every time the cheesy craving strikes, throw in a few layers of veggies. Spinach, tomato and avocado make awesome additions.

Make vegetarian quesadillas

Instead of opting for the classic chicken-and-cheese, throw in a variety of veggies and cut the cheese by half. Some favourite fillings are corn, peppers, onions and greens.

Bulk up burgers

Try adding carrot purée or chopped mushrooms to ground beef recipes. From hamburgers to meatloaf, a few steamed and puréed veggies (or a mix of carrot and kumara) go a long way.

Try pumpkin marinara sauce

Tomato sauce is a great vehicle for any extra puréed veggies. The easiest addition (and our personal favorite)? Pumpkin purée!

Be saucy

Basic tomato sauce is great—definitely counts as one veggie! But the more veggies added, the better. Try adding puréed carrots or pumpkin, peppers, onions or greens.

Health up the hollandaise

Few things are better than a Sunday-morning plate of eggs Benedict, but classic hollandaise sauce can be less than healthy. Try this avocado hollandaise to fit in some extra green.

Purée away

Mix pumpkin purée and grated cheese to create a tasty spread for grilled cheese, quesadillas, or pizzas.

Spice up salad dressing

Say bye-bye to classic oil and vinegar and hello to veggie-based dressings. Some ideas include butternut squash, tomato, beetroot or zucchini.

Bake an egg in an avocado

It's the perfect healthy vehicle for some serious protein!

Turn them into a fries

Slice zucchini, avocado, carrot or green beans, lightly bread, and bake until crispy.

Cook up kale chips

Lightly coated in oil and sprinkled with salt, crispy kale chips are a great (and much healthier) stand-in for potato chips.

Serve a colourful pizza

Yes, a cheesy pizza is hard to pass up. But pizzas are a great vehicle for a big pile of veggies. Practically anything works, from greens and tomato to roasted pumpkin or root vegetables.

Prepare a pizza salad

If pizza is for dinner, throw a salad on top for a fun meal to eat, and an easy two-in-one dinner. 

Splurge on spinach

Tomato sauce is a great way to get a serving of veggies. Even better? Spread a layer of spinach purée on the pizza dough before spreading the sauce for another dose of veg (and extra greens)

Add veggie purée to chicken soup

Making classic chicken soup? Add a can of puréed tomatoes, pumpkin or potato. It will make for a thicker soup and also sneak in some extra veggies.

30 Ways to sneak veggies into a meal

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