Snack on activity

Short bursts of activity for 10 minutes at a time, can have a great effect on your fitness program.

Active recreation

relax and explore our natural wonders and cycleways in your spare time

Try something new

grabone always has great physicalt activity deals

Need to add an extra 5km walking easily to your week? Here’s a great tip for you

Add 5km to your week by parking your car 500m from work - walking from the car to work and then back at the end of the day will give you 1km walking a day. 5 times week = 5km. Easy!!

Take every opportunity to move throughout the day

Social sport

what better way to catch up with friends!

Walk and talk

each time you take a phone call, try and walk around

Use the stairs rather than the lift

Exercise while waiting for the kettle to boil

squats, lunges, press aways, marching all work well

When walking or cycling

try going the longer route sometimes

Help your family to be more active

always incorporate a walk into your family social get togethers

Dog walking is a great way to add more steps to your day

if you don't have  a dog, borrow one from a neighbour or think about giving a home to a rescue dog needing a forever home.

Make that lunctime walk a habit

it can be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Just make it a habit and stick to it

Spend more time being active with your children or grandchildren

don't sit on the bench at the park and watch - be young at heart and join in!

The adverts that appear on your TV screen are not there to annoy you

they are there to remind you to move! Get up, do some chores or easy exercises/stretches.

Keep your windows clean

cleaning windows gives you a great upper body workout by toming your arms, shoulders and back.  Work hard enough to get some 'huff and puff' too.

Put some upbeat music on when you do your housework

try to keep in time witht music and dance along. You will get the chores done superfast and get fit too.

Walk an email at work

go and visit your colleagues and get some steps in along the way

Dance the night away with your friends

Catch up with a friend over a walk instead of a coffee

Make separate trips to the printer instead of printing in bulk

Use a standing desk or sit on a swiss-ball at work

Have a pair of walking shoes in your car

so if you end up with some spare time during your day you can go for a walk

Aim to move every hour

if sitting for long periods make sure you get up and move for a few minutes every hour

If the journey is less than 2km

leave the car at home

Plan an active family outing in the weekend 

Go to the lake or the park. The kids will love it!

Keep a bag of active equipment handy

for outings or when visitng friends/whanau e.g. Frisbee, ball, bat

Walk the kids to school

if the journey is too, far park further away and walk the remainder of the journey.

Make the most of the kids sport practices

Rather than standing on the sideline watching, get a group of parents together and go for a walk.

30 Ways to add activity to your day

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