Treasure Hunt

Read some books

Go outside and jump in puddles and leaves

Set up a Challenge Course

Go on a bike ride

Ride your scooters

Visit a park

Visit your local library

Go for a walk in your neighbourhood

Write/draw and post a letter or picture

Wash the car and bikes

Have your own teddy bears/toys picnic

Visit the beach/lake/river

Go to a zoo

Feed the ducks

Go fishing

Make and fly a kite

Blow and catch bubbles

Have a game with balls

Try your own ten pin bowling

Play cricket with a large ball

Wash and hang out toys clothes

Walk in the rain

Water play in buckets

Draw/paint a picture

Plant a garden or pot

Play dress ups

Make play dough/goop/finger-paint and have some fun with these

Make your own storybook

Go on a nature walk and collect things

Make a nature walk collage

Play with large boxes

Play hide and seek

Make a card

Make some hand prints

30 Things to do with your child

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