1. Boosts your fitness

2. Reduces fatigue

3. Gives you more energy to achieve more

4. Tones your body

5. Improves weight loss & maintenance

6. Makes it easier to do household chores

7. Increases enjoyment of recreational activities

8. Lowers your resting heart rate

9. Enhances your endurance & stamina

10. Increases muscle strength

11. Preserves lean muscle tissue

12. Improves balance

13. Enhances muscle & joint flexibility

14. Improves your posture

15. Boosts your immune system

16. Improves sleeping patterns

17. Assists efforts to stop smoking

18. Burns calories

19. Maintains your metabolism

20. Boosts fat burning

21. Reduces lower back pain

22. Reduces risk of varicose veins

23. Helps relieve constipation

24. Cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes

25. Strengthens your bones

26. Improves circulation

27. Increases your lung capacity

28. Enhances glucose tolerance

29. Increases “good” cholesterol

30. Reduces hypertension

30 Reasons to be active

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