Start with a bigger water glass

this change ensures you drink more water over the day

You can save time every evening

when it comes to dinner by making a weekly meal plan at the start of the week. You are less inclined to choose takeaways if you already have a meal planned - routine really is your friend!

Thread bite sized cubes of fruit

onto a kebab sitck for a healthy dessert

Try using legumes like lentils or kidneys beans

for meatless meals or to bulk out casseroles, mince  and other meat dishes

Add fruit and veges

to each meal to reach your 5+ a day

When you plan your weekly menu

ask for input from the family - making favourite dinners healthier is a great skill to share and teach

Veg it up

by adding baby spinach and other greens to homemade pizza, mince and pasta dishes

Make your own oven wedges/chips

leave the skin on and just use  a spray of oil

Cooked brown rice 

Make a big batch and freeze in portions

A serving of veges is about a handful

you need at least 3 handfuls a day

Pack your lunchbox at night time

so you are ready to go for a healthy day tomorrow

Have a smaller dinner plate

to easily reduce your serving size

Cook a little extra dinner

to provide you with an easy lunch option for the next day

Always provide healthy food options 

at social gatherings

Always start your day with a healthy breakfast

Ensure at least 1/2 your dinner plate is colourful veggies

Match portion sizes to your hand

Choose lean cuts of meat

or trim all the visible fat before you start to cook

Pack leftovers into a container

and put in the fridge BEFORE you eat dinner. That way you will be less inclined to eat more than you need and you already have your lunch sorted for the next day

Make our own favourite takeaways meal

as a treat so you have control of the amount of fat added and bump up those vegetables!

Grate vegetables like carrots and courgette

into your family meals and fussy eaters will never know!

Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season

they are cheaper and more tasty!

Always have some frozen vegetables on hand

for those occasions you run out of vegetables at the end of the week, when some vegetables are expensive or for an easy addition to a meal

Avoid after dinner snacking

so you wake up ready for a healthy breakfast the next day

Keep takeaways to less than once per week

Eat together as a family more often

Aim for at least one meal per day with the screens turned off. This is a great way to spend time together as a family and a chance for adults to role model healthy eating habits

Try the 1/4, 1/4, 1/2 rule

when serving the dinner meal (1/4 plate carbohydrate - pasta/potato/rice, 1/4 plate protein - meat/chicken/fish/vegetarian option, and 1/2 plate colourful vegetables)

Pack your own cold water and snacks

for when you go out to avoid making unhealthy choices

30 Healthy food ideas

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