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About Waikato Badminton Association
Waikato Badminton Association (WBA) is a not-for-profit with a long and proud history of being one of the strongest, most innovative, and forward-thinking regional Badminton associations in New Zealand.

We are affiliated to Badminton New Zealand, and enjoy a strong relationship with Sport Waikato, our member clubs, players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters. We’re also manage a 10 courts purpose-built facility. We believe that sports in general teach us social behaviour and skills that are directly applicable in everyday life and badminton especially – as it requires sublime hand-eye coordination as well as footwork. Individual efforts and responsibility while being part of both a team and in a group setting. Badminton is fast paced, low impact, family friendly and social.

Badminton is one of the most participated organised sports in New Zealand and very popular with the growing Asian community.

We are running outreach programmes to schools and aim to offer something for anyone interested in sport/badminton in the Waikato area. Young, old, talented or para-athlete, we aim to engage all abilities and all ages. We are in the process of transforming and modernising our attitude on how badminton should be played, taught and managed. We are looking to deliver increasing frameworks for tournaments, volunteering, coaching etc for our affiliated clubs, local schools and fellow associations while becoming more profitable together with our affiliate clubs at the same time.

To deliver this vision, the organisation is focused on inspiring increased participation in badminton through a comprehensive range of initiatives and programmes.

Bimonthly 2-hour meetings are held in Hamilton, Waikato.

Ideal Applicant

We are seeking individuals with the following experience:
Broad community stakeholder relationships

Experience in fundraising

Track record of adding value to the boards they sit on
Directors will need to be attuned to good, current governance practice.

Strong commercial acumen and financial investment;
International sports business and related networks;
We are looking for individuals who have:
• A desire to further their governance experience;
• A passion and understanding of sport (ideally badminton); and
• An ability to contribute to our boards diversity through age, ethnicity, gender, or perspective.

Application should be sent to our CEO Thomas Walther:

Please include a CV and a covering letter outlining why you would like to be a member of our board.