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District Taupo

Operational Date Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun

Programme Overview

Our club practices two forms of the croquet game: Association Croquet (sometimes referred to as Classic Croquet); Golf Croquet; a somewhat simpler form of the game that engages players fully as it involves alternate shot play and has a format that is easier to learn.

Croquet is a game that does not require significant physical ability. Often we gain members from other sports like golf, bowls & tennis where the physical demands of such sports are now beyond the capacity of the player. If you like a challenge, are good at angles and accuracy, this sport could be for you!!

No age limit, outdoors, great company, friendly atmosphere, coaching & equipment available. Should you choose to try croquet, you will be entitled to three free visits, where an introduction to the game will be provided by experienced players. A one-on-one introduction can be arranged at times other than the normal club playing times listed below.

Come and have a go!!!

Tuesday Golf Croquet: 9.30am - 12 noon & 1pm - 3pm.
Wednesday Assn Croquet - 9.30am-12pm.
Thursday Golf Croquet - 1pm - 3pm.
Saturday Assn Croquet - 9.30am-12pm.
Sunday Golf Croquet - 1pm-3pm. Visitors please arrive 15 minutes before the start of play

Visitors $5 per session

Suitable for beginners.
Caters for Women or Girls
This program caters for women.