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District Taupo

Operational Date Sun

Programme Overview

"BareBow : A Traditional / Primitive archery group shooting bare bow, no sights ,triggers or modern aids.

We allow all Longbows bows, recurves take downs ect but no Compounds. Medieval style Crossbows are acceptable.

We are seeking keen archers who shoot the old way with a more friendly and non competative group. At the moment we have a limited collection of bows and arrows which begineers may use for a fee. We expect potential members to get their own gear within a reasonable time, we are not in the hire business

Wooden arrows with feather fetchings are encouraged but aluminium, carbon fibre or fibre glass are acceptable Chinese, Mongol horse bows and primive homemade bows are encouraged and If you have a knowledge of bow or arrow making skills you would like to pass on, great.

Traditional archery needs practice and commitment to achieve a realistic level of shooting. If the back to basics is your thing come and try us out. We are at the moment negotiating with TDC for a field/ hunting range in one of the deep gullies, we hope to be successful Shooting starts at 10am.

Archers must be 15 years or older, we may take younger archers if they are accompaned by a parent archer .And of course we welcome anyone as long as they are keen and have a strong interest in basic archery. We now have about finished a hunting field course with upto 20 targets set in a deep gully just by the stands at OD Parkwith easy access with parking.

At the moment there is no provison on the range for wheel chairs unless we can get a 4 wheel drive organised though the main range has full access.

Sunday 10:00am

no charge at present

Suitable for beginners.
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