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District Hamilton

Operational Date Mon

Programme Overview

Circuit based training classes which has been used and been successful with MMA fighters and Martial Artists.

We have had huge su
ccess taking these classes public and running 6 week evolution challenges. We use kettle bells, power bags, ropes, hurdles, agility ladders and our own body to improve our bodies performance with a high intensity 60 minute workout focusing on key aspects of fitness. 

If you would like to come on a hunt, feel free to contact me.
These classes are normally held off premises in local parks around Hamilton to give variety to our training. Caveman Fitness is by no means limited to men, we are well represented by the ladies too.

Monday Various classes running everyday from early morning

Differing scale of fees starting at $15. Concessions available for block bookings

Suitable for beginners.
Disabled Access
Facilities are accessible to people with a disability.
Junior Programme
Runs a programme specifically catered to children.
Caters for Women or Girls
This program caters for women.