Generic Eligibility

  • Nominations close Friday 27 September 2019.
  • Judging period: 16 October 2018 – 15 October 2019.‚Äč
  • A nominee cannot be nominated for more than one award, or in more than one district.
  • Nominations for people with disabilities are encouraged.
  • Volunteers, paid staff, amateurs and professionals are eligible.
  • Nominees will be recognised in the district they completed their service or when Waikato region wide, nationally or internationally, they will be recognised in the district of residence (exemptions may be sought if the sport is not offered in the district).
  • Nominees won’t have represented regions or clubs outside the greater Waikato during the judging period, where there have been opportunities to represent the region or clubs at the same level within the greater Waikato.
  • The nominee must have clearly demonstrated loyalty to the Waikato region.
  • Nominees (including teams) must be at least Secondary School Year 9 students or equivalent as at 1 January 2019. 
  • Coaches, Officials and Administrators of junior grades (under 13) are eligible. 
  • New Zealand representative teams, even if all team members live within the region or district, are not eligible for Team of the Year. However, a club or school team (or provincial team), where some members have been chosen for New Zealand teams, is eligible.
  • Judges will select the winner of the Sporting Personality of the Year award from all individual categories.
  • Judges reserve the right to withdraw nominations if they cannot clearly identify the level of competition within the sport.
  • Sport Waikato reserves the right to forward any nominations to any Sports Awards.
  • Sport Waikato reserves the right to combine some categories where nomination numbers are low.
  • Sport Waikato reserves the right to make special presentations to worthy recipients at any Sports Awards.
  • Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

To complete your nomination, you will need the following information:

• Contact details of the person you are nominating (nominee), including address and phone.
• Achievement details: club/school, national, international and regional achievements.
• Where applicable, role, skills, attributes and impact the person has made.
• Date of birth (Secondary School and Emerging Talent categories).
• Up to two photos of the nominee (high quality) action shot preferred, and/or head and shoulders. 


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