Tracy Wrigley

Tracy Wrigley

Coaching Advisor - Youth

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021 506 572

“I was great at exercising and doing things that were good for my health over many years as a competitive athlete and umpire until I turned to my coaching passion. Spending most of my time ensuring other people had a great sporting experience as well as being out most evenings meant I took on bad eating and erratic exercise habits. I found the solution by making it as convenient as possible to exercise. I literally walk into my garage and I can ride, run, lift weights or do yoga. And it's fun again!
I can see how good it is for my mood as well as my body to move purposefully. And exercising in the morning makes me feel like I've already accomplished something in my day before breakfast.”
Tracy leads the development and implementation of Sport Waikato’s coach development services targeted towards coaches of youth in secondary school and community sport settings with the aim of improving youth sport experiences. This includes facilitating a shift in coaching practices among coaches in the Waikato region to increase values-based coaching that ensures climates of development are privileged over climates of performance. In particular, Tracy adopts a sport development approach to ensure participation and development opportunities are prioritised for all participants to ensure inclusive coaching practices and sport environments exist across the region.