Steve Dalgety

Steve Dalgety

Regional Connectivity Manager


"I have played a variety of sports and as I have gotten older still continue to play cricket and football. I love that I can put on my shoes and leave from my front door and I always feel fantastic once I have finished. My goal this year is to try trail running, I believe it's important to try different things, push yourself further as you always learn something about yourself when you do.

There are two things that inspire me to lead an active lifestyle. The first is the way it makes me feel, I love the feeling of well-being that I get from being active, a feeling of positivity after being active. Secondly, it is about how being active impacts my kids. We do a lot together as a family and we all play sports or are physically active, I believe if I can demonstrate this then that will flow on to a positive outcome for my kids in adopting an active lifestyle."

Steve provides leadership and direction to community connectivity initiatives in play, active recreation and sport across the Waikato, with a specific focus on the area of Hamilton City and outcomes associated with Sport Waikato’s leadership of Healthy Active Learning. Alongside this, Steve also leads a team of Regional Connectivity Coordinators who work closely with Councils and communities across the Waikato region to support increases in physical activity.