Rob Wadmore

Rob Wadmore

General Manager Organisational Performance

07 858 5388

021 246 2297

“My physical activity journey has changed over the years having once been a fiercely competitive footballer in my younger days where I relished the camaraderie that came from being part of a winning team. If I play football now it is the shorter version of the game which I play purely for the social and fun aspects of the game. 
Physical activity for me these days is mainly for the physical and mental health benefits which I get through the gym or riding the bike trails with my son.” 
Rob is a member of the Leadership Team (LT) and as such is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of Sport Waikato’s purpose and strategy. He is specifically responsible for the strategic leadership of the Organisational Performance Team, their strategic priorities and the development of the associated tactical, operational business plans and budget.