Rob Corkill

Rob Corkill

Regional Connectivity Coordinator (East)

07 858 5388

021 923 986

“I love being outdoors and exploring our natural environment. Whether it be our coastlines, forests or hills, I find that it keeps me grounded and provides a sense of perspective. Time can be a barrier, but making the time will set me up for success both physically and mentally.
My family inspires me to be active. Sharing experiences with them is a massive motivator because it makes us all feel great. The risks and physical and mental challenges of the outdoors provides an amazing playground and ‘classroom’.”
Rob provides strategic leadership to the Waikato region’s network of Territorial Local Authorities as well as local sport and active recreation organisations and providers. He works closely with key partners to guide physical activity strategy, provision and investment, including through the development and implementation of local play, active recreation and sport plans.