James Davidson

James Davidson

Regional Coaching Advisor

07 858 5388

027 446 7040


Born in Wellington and raised between California and Wellington, I was into every sport I could find time to play. Competing at a representative level at cricket, football (soccer), tennis, basketball, swimming and internationally at water polo.

I started my coaching journey at high school in Wellington and have since been fortunate enough to coach cricket, football and water polo from junior club and school programmes to international levels. I have also worked coaching coaches and away from sport coaching salespeople and leaders.

I’m passionate about people development and coaching people first. I strive to empower self-learners, support their growth and aim to support organisations to prosper and achieve across all levels of coaching.

My role is to aid the education and development of coaches across all sports, so that athletes can enjoy quality coaching. My role is particularly focused on developing coach space as well as providing support and input to the Performance Coach Advance programme, a programme I am one of the Alumni of.