Deane McKay

Deane McKay

Primary School Sector Manager

07 858 5388


“After many years playing team sport as a young person, I found my way to an individual sport – triathlon - as an adult which presented many different challenges. The sport of triathlon gave me an opportunity to strive for goals which seemed unattainable yet felt amazing when achieved. I love that I have been able to learn, grow and participate in a sport which has so many individual discipline challenges, that connect so well to my life's journey.
I love the feeling of being 'fit and healthy'. The motivation to lead an active lifestyle is intrinsic as I know that the benefits for my overall hauora are enhanced. The effects of this are not only felt by me but for my whaanau as well.“
Deane brings to life the philosophies and principles underpinning the Healthy Active Learning initiative and ensures these continue to inform how the Primary School Team operates within primary schools, intermediates, kura and their wider communities. He works with key stakeholders and schools to develop a cohesive, collaborative physical activity plan guided by school values, strengths and philosophy that links to the community opportunities.