Dr Damien Puddle

Dr Damien Puddle

Local Play Advocate (fixed-term)

07 858 5388

021 197 2092


For 12 years I have been straddling the worlds of academia and sport, drawing from both to improve wellbeing outcomes in the communities I have been involved with.
I am passionate about play and its value for people, that’s why I’m excited to be New Zealand’s first Local Play Advocate (definitely the best job out there!). I’m excited to be supporting Hamilton City Council to activate their Play Strategy by advocating for collaborative processes, enabling significant play opportunities throughout the city.
Outside of Sport Waikato, I am heavily involved with parkour, volunteering as the CEO for both Parkour NZ and Parkour Earth. I am also an active coach and practitioner. In 2021 I am fusing all my interests by playing every day in random locations all over the city and cataloguing it on my Instagram @dpudds.