Bill Cooksley

Bill Cooksley

Youth Engagement Advisor

07 858 5389

021 944 516

“Following years of playing rugby, my current passion is cycling - undertaking both road and mountain biking. The sense of freedom whether this be on the roads around the Hauraki Plains or in amongst nature in the mountain bike parks, is a crucial part of my overall wellness. The opportunities throughout New Zealand to undertake these are endless and there are always new roads or trails to explore which keeps things fresh.
The feeling of having worked hard but also the sense of achievement is a critical part to my day. Daily exercise or physical activity helps release any stress but also keeps the aging body in check.”
Bill works closely with secondary schools (e.g. Board of Trustees, Principals, Directors of Sport, Sport Coordinators, TICs), and key stakeholders in the youth sport space (e.g. Regional and Local Sporting Organisations) to provide strategic leadership to the school sport sector, with a particular focus on increasing the quality and quantity of sporting opportunities that meet the needs of the Waikato region’s young people.