Ben Danieli

Ben Danieli

Recreation Infrastructure Advisor

027 446 7040

"Ever since I can remember, I've always played sport. My main sport growing up was volleyball. However, I've also dedicated many hours to playing basketball, soccer, and any sort of activity that involves a team and a ball. Lately, I've discovered the 'joy' of trail running and recently completed a 105km run, which was a great challenge.

Being active allows me to function physically, mentally, and cognitively. It makes me feel alive and happy. I embrace the pain and the satisfaction/joy that comes with stretching my physical and mental limits and overcoming a serious challenge."

Ben provides support to play, active recreation and sport facilities and infrastructure planning in the Waikato. The role works alongside key external partners in spaces and places planning in the region (e.g., Territorial Local Authorities, Funders, Developers, Sport and Recreation Organisations and Iwi) and Sport Waikato staff to deliver local facilities planning outcomes. Ben also works alongside the Spaces and Places Lead in a support and coordination capacity to advance regional Plan priorities.