Amigene Metcalfe

Amigene Metcalfe

Sport Development Manager

07 858 5388

021 350 410

Kia ora kootou
Ko Kakepuku te Maaunga, ko Waipa te awa, ko Tainui te waka, ko Ngaati Maniapoto te iwi, ko Ngaati Urunuimia te hapu. Ko Amigene Metcalfe tooku ingoa.
I was born and bred Waikato and am a pretty staunch supporter of alI things related to our region – from our proud history in sport, to the great people who live here, and the awesome spaces and places we have to play in. I live in Cambridge with my husband and three children. Outside of mahi I enjoy reading, watching all sport, the beach/rivers, and spending time with my active and sporty family.
Alongside a long and successful career representing Waikato and NZ in Athletics, Netball and Touch, I taught PE & Health at secondary school, coached and worked in sport at secondary level and in the club scene, and most recently was Head Coach of the Waikato/BOP Magic netball team.
I'm really passionate about the value of sport in our lives, and have experienced and seen that sport delivered well to rangatahi can have life long benefits.