Amigene Metcalfe

Amigene Metcalfe

Sport Development Manager

07 858 5388

021 350 410

“Having spent a number of years playing sport at the highest level, I now really enjoy exercising when and how I want without any expectations! Mostly, that means walks in the morning and taking over the lounge room (which means shifting my kids off the TV and outside as an added bonus) to do at home workouts that don't require a lot of equipment. The flexibility to exercise depending on the time I have and how I feel is really empowering. Realising that sport can actually be fun by playing socially has also been a revelation in recent years!
I've always appreciated and loved being able to play sport and be active. I know that when I make the time each day to exercise, it helps my mood and wellbeing. I'm also motivated to be mobile and active for as long as I can as I age for a greater quality of life.”
Amigene provides strategic leadership to the Waikato regional sport system, including Regional Sports Organisations and Secondary Schools, with a specific focus on improving coaching practices, and participation and development opportunities. She also provides leadership to the integrated Sport Development team comprising Secondary School, Provider Network and Coaching Advisors.