Our partners

We work with a lot of other great people and organisations so that Waikato schools can have the best available. Right from the beginning, Energize has teamed up with organisations that have the skills to make Energize the best it can be. Our team effort earned us a Project Collaboration Award in 2009 from Sport New Zealand.

When we first started, we had a ‘Project Governance Group’ and an ‘Evaluation Reference Group’ – these were groups of people who helped us to spot any problems we might face when we are running the Energize programme in diverse communities. Since then, Maori and Pacific providers, and organisations that are experts in community development, research, nutrition, sports science and clinical skills have continued to be important to the programme.

Project partners - delivery

Te Kohao Health, Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki, and South Waikato Pacific Island Community Services are our partners who we sub-contract to. They employ their Energizers who work under the Energizer umbrella, but they are managed by their own organisation.

The skills, knowledge and community links to Maori and Pacific partners that these organisations bring has been an essential part of the success of Project Energise

Project partners - other

Sport New Zealand - agreed to make available a daily exercise manual resource called KiwiDex, and a skills book for teachers. From 2008 Sport New Zealand provided funding for two Energize positions.

Auckland University of Technology - Professor Elaine Rush was a principal investigator and is still actively involved with Energize, now as academic leader. She advised on the physical measurements, has been co-author of a number of publications that have come from Energize, and has supervised a number of AUT students involved in the project.

Wintec - Wintec was has been involved in the project from the start. Wintec staff have been actively involved in the research activities, have provided chefs to assist with parent cooking sessions, and a dietitian provided a nutrition training course. In 2005 and 2006 Wintec designed, managed and hosted the original Project Energize website.

The one-stop shop

Energize links schools to nutrition and physical activity programmes, initiatives, resources and organisations with a sport, exercise, healthy eating or healthy lifestyles focus - a ‘one-stop-shop.’ Energize reduces pressure on schools, and stops doubling up of services and contacts.

  • Work with KiwiSport officers who provide sporting opportunities for children that are local, free, and designed for kids. 

  • Work with Regional Sporting Organisations and provide information to schools about their services, events, training opportunities and access to Sports Force officers.

  • Work organisations like Land Transport Safety Authority, Life Education Trust, Travel Planners and work with them on timing and partnerships.

  • Link with Waikato Institute for Leisure and Sports Studies to deliver Looking to Lead (L2L) and provide L2L follow up modules.

  • Research sports equipment and school food supplies and provide information to schools

  • Maintain a relationship with the National Heart Foundation.

  • Support schools with the NHF Heart Start process and Jump Rope for Heart programme.

  • Ongoing training of Energizers as: Swim start tutors, Run Jump Throw tutors, Jump Jam facilitators, and Jump Rope for Heart facilitators.

  • Support schools with Jump Jam teacher development and training student leaders.

  • Link schools to other organisations e.g. Enviroschools, School travel planners, smoking cessation services.