Touring the North Island Challenge



The Touring the North Island Challenge has begun!!

It’s super simple to achieve – for every 10 minutes activity you complete, colour in one of the cars on the image poster until you have coloured all of the cars.

Then email to or message our Project Energize Facebook page with your filled in poster entry along with a photo or video of your child doing some activities to go in the draw for some awesome spot prizes!

Download the poster:

Here’s some activity ideas!!

Don't forget, stick to the people/whaanau in your bubble and keep to your local area when doing your activities or playing your games!

  • Run, skip, gallop around the house/down the street/around the park

  • Skipping rope challenge, how many different skipping styles can you do?

  • Handstands and cartwheels

  • Backyard soccer

  • Bouncing non-stop on the tramp

  • Cycle, scooter, walk around the block with your family

  • Non-stop tag

  • Obstacle course

  • Ball tricks

  • Jumping & leaping to “Cross the River”

  • Dance to favourite songs 

  • Throw & Go – How about play Force Back at local park?

  • Indoor Hockey

  • The floor is lava course

  • Youtube – “Get Kids Moving” workout

  • Indoor soccer – socks or a soft ball

  • Keep the balloons off the ground (try 2 or 3 balloons)

  • Musical Cushions

Extra for Experts!

Now that you've got started on your Tour of the North Island, here's some more activity ideas - from quiz questions, to activities you can do with your family or on your own! Check them out!