Our goals

Physical activity

To encourage a minimum of 20 minutes quality daily physical activity
To advocate for and encourage lunchtime physical activity at least twice a week
To encourage and advocate for at least five minutes of ‘home play’ every day
To encourage a reduction in sedentary time especially screen time if over 2 hours a day
To raise awareness of incidental activity opportunities at home and school
To raise awareness of the importance of children learning fundamental movement skills and movement literacy

Healthy eating

To encourage and promote water as the best drink
To ensure water is available in class
To encourage the consumption of milk and other high calcium foods every day
To encourage an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption
To advocate for and encourage improvement of food brought from home, especially a reduction in the amount of high energy/low nutrient food
To encourage and advocate for an increase in availability
of healthy choices at school and a decrease in availability of high energy/low nutrient foods
To increase the awareness of the importance of breakfast and encourage a breakfast habit
To work towards registration in the National Heart Foundation School Food Programme
To work towards consistent nutrition messages in all aspects of school and community interaction eg. healthy fundraising options

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