Physical Activity

Energize encourages children to do 60+ minutes of moderate - vigorous physical activity each day. In school time that’s a minimum of 20 minutes activity that gets children huffing and puffing.  

Energizers assist schools with a whole range of initiatives to get kids having fun being active. This might be providing teachers with ideas for daily fitness, learning fundamental movement skills, getting children into sport or playing active games at lunchtimes. We also encourage children to choose more active play options at home, keeping screen time to less than two hours a day.

Working through schools, Energize helps children, their families and communities to ‘eat healthy, be active and have fun’. Energize follows Sport NZ’s ‘Activity Guidelines For Children & Young People'.

For more on the guidelines click here  

Here are some examples of Energize ‘tip sheets’ with ideas to get you and the whole family active 

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Winter Warm Up


Kids Love to Play


Summer Family Fun