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Secondary School Basketball in the Waikato Region is organised by Waikato Basketball, Central Country Basketball and Thames Valley Basketball.  Please contact your local zone body for more information on weekly basketball competitions.

To compete at the New Zealand Secondary School Basketball Championships, schools must qualify through the Zone 2 Regional Competition which is held during winter tournament week. They are two divisions, the A division for small schools (Coed school with less than 600 students and single sex schools with less than 300 students) and the AA competition for larger schools.  For more information on entering this tournament, please check out the Basketball NZ Website or NZSSSC Website below

Eligibility Criteria for Basketball

Please be aware for Senior A/Premiership Basketball teams, that there is a quota of students who are new to school that are permitted to play in the basketball team.  This applies to all Waikato Basketball Council competitions as well as any NZSSSC sanctioned events such as the Zone 2 Qualifiers and NZSS Basketball Championships

The NZSSSC ruling states that for a school team to be eligible to compete, the team must not exceed the quota of students new to the school in the 2 years preceding the first day of the event.  Teams will be limited to a maximum of two non domestic students (or one for sports with a quota of one) and any non domestic student must always be included in the quota

For Basketball, the quota is 3 new to school students, and 2 new to school students for 3x3 Basketball.  Please ensure selectors and teachers in charge of basketball are aware of this ruling when picking their top teams.


Anthony Corban - Community Basketball Manager

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