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Do you wish you could engage those parents or club members who always come along to play or watch, but do not put their hand up to help? Have you thought about reaching out to your community for help?

Join us for a series of two short online workshops, each 1.5 hours long, where we will share practical ideas, stories of success and information focused on getting people to put their hand up more often, and how you can make sure they are equipped and looked after when they do.

You will discover: 
  • The difference a Volunteer Coordinator/s would make. Who would that be in your club?
  • Why people volunteer and more importantly, what stops them from getting involved 
  • Ways to think differently about volunteer roles, to ensure you get things done 
  • The things you need to have in place and think about to make it easy for people to help out 
  • The difference between recognition and appreciation and how you can do both effectively.
  • You will leave with a list of simple things to get started on that will get people helping more often.  
29 June & 13 July 2020, 7pm to 8.30pm on ZOOM. 
Registrations are limited so get in quick – register below. Once we have received your registration, you will be emailed the Zoom meeting link.