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Guy Schwikkard is the Coach Development Advisor. Guy's mission is to help and improve the role of community coaches throughout the Waikato region as well as developing and fostering youth interest in coaching. He aims to achieve this by:

  • Delivering and facilitating workshops aimed at upskilling school and club coaches throughout Hamilton and the nine districts
  • Workshops will look at aspects such as; athlete development, leadership, self-development, coaching process and programme management
  • Introducing the Growing Coaches Programme into selected secondary schools to grow the number of student coaches and student leaders throughout the greater Waikato region
Guy is currently working on a number of coaching workshops and courses - keep an eye on the Event Calendar for future workshops or fill out the form below to help him run courses specific to your needs, in your area, and keep you up to date with future coaching courses.


What areas do you think your coaches would need (and like) further development in?
Athlete Development
Coaching Process
Programme Management

Athlete development (how athletes learn, understanding individual differences, injury prevention in relation to growth, sport as a wider context for learning for life)

Leadership (modelling best behaviour, empowerment, leadership styles, leading change, creating a vision)

Coaching process (coaching delivery/art of coaching, communication and feedback, implementing plans, teaching games for understanding, talent ID and development, motor and technical skill acquisition processes)

Self-development (personal philosophy, self-evaluation, technology usage, knowledge of sport science, mentoring skills)

Programme management (planning, evaluation and modification of programmes, managing others, managing the environment)

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