Performance Coach Advance (PCA)

The PCA programme was launched in 2014 by Sport New Zealand in partnership with national and regional sport organisations (NSOs and RSOs), and regional sport trusts (RSTs).

While most of the athletes supported by PCA coaches will come from the Sport NZ Community and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) targeted sports, some coaches may be working with talented pre-elite athletes from other sports.

Over time the PCA programme will help ensure that New Zealand's talented young athletes get the coaching support they need to win on the world stage later in their sporting life.


The focus of the programme will be on generic coaching development (for example, coaching process), action learning (learn as you do), and self-development. For NSOs, RSOs, and RSTs, the programme will drive ongoing development of expertise and leadership in performance coaching.

Coaches applied to get on the programme with the key requirements for selection being coach potential, the coach's current coaching role, and the commitment of the coach to self-development. All coaches had to be endorsed by their NSO to be considered. For the first intake 102 coaches were selected.

The programme will initially be delivered in six regions, with each region having a programme leader. The regions are: Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago.

Contact Mark McLaughlin for more information: 027 278 5254 or