Workshop 1 - What is Coaching?

This workshop focuses on building a foundation of understanding of coach definitions, coach styles, philosophy and values, qualities and roles. The intent is to paint a picture of what coaching is.

Workshop 2 - Designing Great Coaching Sessions

This is the nuts and bolts session on planning and organising as a coach. This knowledge will set young coaches up to plan and organise for the coaching experience.

Workshop 3 - Games Approach

This workshop is about a style of delivery, of coaching that encourages coaches to use an inquiry-based model of coaching using questions and encouraging discussion-making amongst athletes. Games become a focus of the coaching sessions. There is an opportunity here to make this workshop very practice based with information slides, readings etc. to support the learning.

Workshop 4 - Coach Leadership

The young coaches will have the opportunity to learn about:

- Leading as a Coach
- Building Team Culture
- Reflective Practice