Programme Guide

The information in this Programme Guide is designed for teachers, coaches and sports coordinators. The content describes how to deliver Growing Coaches and is accompanied by ideas, concepts and philosophies for developing excellent young coaches. Let’s begin to explore how the programme can help young people to be successful coaches, by developing an understanding of some of the methods of effective coaching. 

Coach Journal

This Journal has lots of helpful hints and useful information for developing your personal coaching practice. Read, explore, experience, practice, learn, reflect, enjoy…well done embarking upon this coaching experience.

Coach Gear Bag

The Growing Coaches Gear Bag is designed for young people participating in the Sport New Zealand Growing Coaches coach education programme. The games and activities provided are for coaches to use in their coaching sessions. 

Workshop Guidelines

This guide gives teachers, coaches and facilitators of the Growing Coaches programme ideas and activities on how to deliver the four generic coaching workshops.