Growing Coaches

Growing Coaches is a Sport New Zealand programme that is designed to support the development of student coaches.

What is Growing Coaches?

Growing Coaches is a leadership programme that provides a platform for the development of young coaches in secondary schools. They can utilise the skills learned to coach sport in club, primary, intermediate and secondary school settings.

The programme involves three aspects: a generic component, sport-specific component and practical coaching component.

Why should your school use Growing Coaches?

  • Want to run a leadership programme where coaching is the context for learning?
  • Want to give students the tools to begin coaching and continue to develop as coaches?
  • Give students the opportunity to coach a team/athlete with great support
  • Build links with the surrounding community and RSO’s

How do schools implement Growing Coaches?

The programme is flexible and can be delivered in a number of different ways to suit your school’s needs:
  • As part of the Physical Education programme, aligned to NCEA achievement standards
  • As part of a sport leadership course and/or Kiwisport Leadership programme
  • As a separate student-coach development programme, outside of class hours




For more information please visit the Sport New Zealand website.