Kick Start Fund

KiwiSport Waikato Kick Start Application Form

The Kick Start Fund is exactly that, a fund that will help to Kick Start a new sporting or recreation opportunity for school age students.

  • Funding will be allocated on a range of projects to ensure region wide coverage
  • Six funding rounds per year (maximum 12 month period for each project)
  • The maximum allocation to be $15,000 per project

For examples of successful projects, refer to the Funded Projects tab on the right.

It is highly recommended applicants consider the following criteria before submitting their application:

  • a minimum contribution of 25% in cash or in kind towards the total project costs
  • the project is not a retrospective project
  • the application is NOT just for equipment with no project outcomes
  • creating links with local clubs or schools
  • projects delivered outside curriculum time will be given priority 
  • reporting requirements as specified below
  • project is supported by the relevant Regional or National Sport/Recreation Organisation

Reporting Requirements

A report is required to be completed on the outcomes of the project. Templates will be provided where appropriate. These include a summary of the impact and overall numbers achieved as a result of the project.  A financial breakdown on what costs were associated with the project is also required. These reports are due 2 weeks after the completion of the project

2018-2019 Kick Start Funding Rounds (bi-monthly) – closing dates

Due to current lockdown circumstances, we have decided to combine the upcoming two rounds to one big final round. That means there is no round occurring in March anymore.

The closing date for the final combined kickstart round is:

Friday 29th May 2020

Please feel free to call or email Sport Waikato if you have any further questions regarding the suitability of your project (07) 858 5388 or email

Project Contact Information
Is your organisation affiliated to a regional or national body? (Not necessary for schools)

Project Overview
Indicate low participation groups this project will target (if any)*

Indicate the types of activity within the project*

Primary Strategic Outcome*

In what setting(s) will the project be delivered?*

Identify the district(s) the project will be delivered in*

Project Budget
Is your organisation GST registered?*

(if GST registered please exclude GST from all figures you provide above)
(this should be no more than 75% of the total financial cost to run the project)
Project Information
For your project you will need to download and complete a Project Application Form, and upload it with your submission. You can download the document here: Kick Start Project Application Form

Please remember to save your document especially after uploading additional information., There is a SAVE function at the bottom of the form - please SAVE regularly. 
  1. I hereby certify that I have been authorised to prepare and submit this Kick Start Fund Application form. The information contained herein is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct. 
  2. I have informed our relevant Governing body of this project
  3. The organisation will comply with any reasonable request from Sport Waikato to monitor performance and accountability
  4. Any funding received will be used for the project for which it was approved within the agreed timeframe
  5. I understand that there is an expectation that reporting will be required at the completion of the project.
Privacy Act:
  1. Any personal information about individuals you provide in this application will be used only to assist with the administration and assessment of your application and in publishing the results of approved investment
  2. Organisations, groups and individuals have the right to check and correct any personal information held by Sport Waikato
  3. I agree that the project information can be shared with other organisations for development of KiwiSport projects.
Please note: the person signing this document must have signing authority for the organisation (eg. school principal, club president etc). However the signing authority does not have to be the person filling in this application or be the main contact for the project.
Saving your file will result in a link being sent to the email address provided in the contact information at the start of this application. If you can’t find it in your emails, please check your junk folder