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F.A.B Workshop (Fun Activities with Benefits)

Our FAB workshops are interactive workshops, where you will participate in a progression of activities that support brain and fundamental skill development.

You will learn about the “real” benefits of specific movement and the impact it can have on a child’s later life.

Learn how to manage /manipulate and modify activities to meet the range of needs in your group.

FAB Workshop 1:  Crossing the Midline

Activities that support brain development. We know that fundamental movement activities develop the brain and by focusing on games that use both the left and right side of the brain we are ensuring our children get the best start in life.

Workshop content includes:

  • What are the ‘real’ benefits of fundamental skill development
  • Identify what development is happening with the children
  • Managing activities to meet the needs of children

FAB Workshop 2:  Spatial Awareness

Activities that support the development of spatial awareness. When a child learns to move they begin to become aware of their body parts and where their body is in relation to the physical environment around them. Learn about the importance of spatial awareness and the impact this can have on a child’s learning capabilities. Learn about the activities that can support and develop a child with poor spatial awareness.

Workshop content includes:
  • What are the benefits for the child who is spatially aware
  • What it looks like when spatial awareness hasn’t been developed
  • Managing activities to develop spatial awareness

FAB Workshop 3:  The Vestibular System and Balance

You will learn about activating a child’s vestibular systems and their ability to balance. Learn about the importance of controlled static balance versus dynamic balance.
Develop strategies to enhance a child’s vestibular system and balance.

Workshop content includes:
  • What are the benefits of having an activated vestibular/balance system
  • What it looks like when the vestibular/balance is not activated
  • Managing activities to develop the vestibular/balance system

Watch this space as we list our upcoming workshops here!