Category Workshops & Courses

District Hamilton

Town Te Rapa

Event Date Tue 16 June, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

A child’s vestibular system controls their balance and co-ordination. When the vestibular system is activated and stimulated, it improves a child’s ability to sit still and their ability to learn.

In this workshop you’ll participate in a progression of activities that support the development of the vestibular system.

You’ll learn about; the importance of controlled static balance versus dynamic balance, how to recognise the symptoms of a weak vestibular system, developing strategies to enhance it and their balance and coordination, activating a child’s vestibular system and improving their ability to balance.

Cost: $25 per person.

Please register below before 12pm of the date of the workshop.
Note: if you have more than 2 people attending, please email to register