Robyn Polley

Robyn Polley

Professional Learning Partner (Early Childhood)

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027 845 8464

“Having played in a traditional sporting code for so long, it was refreshing to become involved in running. Due to health reasons, I was unable to continue playing sport and so decided on running to continue my love of being physically active. I have run many half marathons and completed a large number of the online running program The Conqueror Challenge, which takes you all around the world to amazing geographical locations. It's still a challenge health wise to run, but it's something I can manage and continue to do.
My inspiration for leading an active lifestyle is my three children/young adults.... leading an active life enables me to keep engaged with them along with helping me navigate through the changes to my body while ageing gracefully.”
Robyn works with centre managers and early childhood educators to embed physical activity policy within their daily practice. She works alongside centre managers to promote appropriate policy change and provide professional learning and development in physical activity, fundamental movement and play to early childhood educators within targeted areas of the Waikato region.