Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin

Regional Coaching Manager

07 858 5388

027 278 5254

Waikato born and bred, I spent my youth playing multiple sports and was lucky enough to represent my province in a number of them. As the youngest of three boys who continually challenged each other in back yard games, I learnt to be resilient very early, which also helped with my mental toughness.

My coaching career started in 4th Form (Yr 10), when I was asked to coach the school softball team, being the only student who had played it in my Primary School days! This experience started me on a very reflective process around what I was trying to achieve as well as who I was doing it for. Success for me, was around development and improvement.

Since this first foray into coaching I have since coached a number of different sports from grassroots through to an international level.

My role at Sport Waikato allows me to call on my experiences and knowledge to help others with their coaching and leadership development. Connection & Collaboration is important to me, as I firmly believe we need to work with like minded individuals and organisations to create sustainable systems & structures.

As the Regional Manager of the Waikato Performance Coach Advance programme, I support a number of coaches of pre-elite athletes to improve their coaching practice.

Lastly, I work hard to support the other members of our Coaching and Talent Team.