Community Resilience Fund

The Community Resilience Fund Phase 2

Sport Waikato is proud to be partnering with Sport NZ to administer the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund (Phase 2) in our region.

The fund will be available from Monday 3 August 2020, closing 5pm Friday 4 September 2020, and aims to provide financial support to play, active recreation or sport organisations who are experiencing financial hardship in the period 1 July to 30 September 2020, as a result of Covid-19.

Please read guidelines below or download the pdf here
If you have further questions, please see the FAQ document here.

If you need further help, please contact or phone Stephanie on 0272785290, or contact Sport NZ on 


Who can apply?

The fund is open to a wide range of organisations. Please use the diagram below to test your eligibility.


We welcome applications from organisations that have not previously received funding from Sport NZ, and those that may have received some support already through Community Resilience Fund in May/June 2020. Applicants for the earlier Community Resilience Fund had to be affiliated to Sport NZ national partners, but this is not a requirement for Community Resilience Fund Phase 2.

One key change to the previous Community Resilience Fund will be the ability to claim assistance for a broader range of costs including operational costs that are critical to delivering activities and programmes, to support the reactivation of active recreation and sport now that New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 1.

Not all clubs and organisations have fixed costs (such as clubrooms, phone bills etc), and assistance for operational funding will mean more community organisations will be eligible for support, and importantly, will be better placed to ensure our communities access to active recreation and sporting opportunities are reinstated/maintained.

To find out more download our fund guidelines [link to guidelines].


To be eligible as a provider of physical activity opportunities through play, organisations must:

  • have a primary purpose of supporting active play for tamariki aged 5-11 years, and
  • be a financial member of either the International Play Association Aotearoa New Zealand or Recreation Aotearoa.
Play must be intrinsically motivated, freely chosen by tamariki, for no pre-determined outcomes, and with limited or no adult-led involvement. Our focus for play is an opportunity that happens outside curriculum - any delivery that is aligned to play-based learning (curriculum) is outside this scope.

Community Sport and Recreation Hubs

A Sports Hub is a partnership where organisations co-locate or share facilities and/or services strategically, sometimes via an independently governed group, within a defined geographical area, to provide sustainable, quality sport and recreation experiences.

To be an eligible Sports Hub, you must be:
  • an established operating sports hub with two or more sports clubs that are affiliated to their relevant Regional Sport Organisation (RSO).
  • able to demonstrate that there is wider community engagement, availability and use of hub facilities and services to the wider community.
  • able to demonstrate that you are delivering initiatives on behalf of members and wider community interests to improve rates of community participation in play, active recreation and sport.

Actions already taken to reduce the impact of Covid-19

We expect organisations to have already reduced costs where possible and considered other actions to help their financial situation, such as:
  • eliminating expenditure that doesn’t contribute to programme delivery;
  • cancelling commitments that will incur costs related to a cancelled event or programme;
  • minimising other costs;
  • sought alternative sources of income;
  • collaboration with other organisations to minimise costs e.g. sharing resources;
  • using some available cash reserves to mitigate your organisation’s financial risks in the mid to long term;
  • asking for support from your national body;
  • accessing government support and relief packages you are eligible for, including Employment Support.

Who cannot apply? 

The following are not eligible to apply for the Fund. 

  • Individuals/ Sole traders 
  • Pre-schools, schools and other educational institutions, including school sport clubs, and after school care organisations 
  • Professional sports teams 
  • For profit businesses / commercial organisations 
  • Facilities managers /owners (other than Sports Hubs as defined above) 
  • Sports academies 
  • Territorial authorities and local authorities 
  • Other Government agencies 
  • Organisations that have received Sport NZ Partnerships Investment for 2020/21 (including Regional and National Partners) 
  • Organisations that received funding from Sport NZ's Exceptional Systems Support Fund 

How much can we apply for? 

This Fund is intended to help cover fixed administration and operating costs that relate to providing play, active recreation and sport experiences, for organisations that are experiencing financial hardship (loss of revenue) caused by the impact of Covid-19. 

Eligible applicants can apply for help to pay: 

  • fixed administration and operating costs (excluding salaries and wages) incurred in the period 1 July to 30 September 2020. For example, this includes utilities, rent or facilities hire, rates and other costs critical to your programme delivery. 
  • a pro-rated share (up to 25% of the annual amount) of audit fees and insurance premiums. 
  • affiliation fees that are payable in the period 1 April to 30 September 2020, where these fees have not been covered by other relief such as your regional or national organization waiving affiliation fees. Sport NZ will be monitoring the application for affiliation fees, and may verify the charge with your affiliated organisation. 

The amount awarded will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and no one will be awarded more than $25,000. 

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following criteria when we consider how much support may be paid from this Fund: 

  • Evidence of keeping people active through play, active recreation, or sport 
  • Evidence of financial hardship 
  • Evidence of actions already taken to minimise financial impact of Covid-19 
  • Description of costs included in the application 
  • Reasonableness of the amount of the costs included in the application 
  • Financial relief already provided, including the earlier Community Resilience Fund in May/June. 

In addition to the above, if you are applying for more than $5,000 we will consider: 

  • Evidence of financial hardship (lost revenue of at least 15%, and uncommitted cash reserves that cover less than 40% of your annual expenses). 

Costs that are not covered by the Fund 

The Fund does not cover: 

  • Costs related to new programmes or events 
  • Costs incurred outside the period 1 July to 30 September 2020, except for a pro-rated share of audit fees and insurance premiums, and except for affiliation fees which may be included in your application form if they are payable in the period 1 April to 30 September 2020 
  • Costs associated with professional athletes, professional sports teams, academies, rep teams, or any group competing nationally or internationally 
  • Costs that are already covered by other relief arrangements; e.g. through support from your regional or national organisations, by a rent holiday, by the council or other landowner reducing charges for the use of facilities, by rates relief, by the Government’s Wages Subsidy, other Government agencies or other funders 
  • Annual General Meeting costs 
  • Capital costs 
  • Purchase of equipment or uniforms 
  • Wages, salary, contract fees, honoraria/koha, board fees, professional retainers 
  • Staff training and professional development 
  • Loan repayments, financing costs 
  • Prize-givings and photos. 

How to Apply 

All applications must be submitted between 3 August 2020 and 4 September 2020. All applications must be submitted on the form provided by each Regional Sports Trust (RST), and with attachments requested or by downloading an application form from the RST's website. 

Only one application will be accepted per organisation. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

We request some information to be provided in attachments. These may be a PDF document, or a photo/scan of a document. 

We recommend that you read the [link to Application Form Questions] and make notes before you begin your application in the online form, to make sure you have all the information you need.

Conditions of application 

All conditions of application described in the application form must be accepted. They are: 

  • I confirm that I am authorised to submit this application on behalf of the organisation, and that our directors and/or trustees and/or treasurer are aware of and support this submission. 
  • I confirm that information in this application is correct, and that any amount we receive as a result of this application will be used as specified in our application. 
  • I acknowledge that Sport NZ has the right to audit the information provided in this application and the use of any funds granted. I will provide full cooperation in the event of such an audit being undertaken. 
  • I note the “Protecting your information” section of the “Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund Phase 2 Guidelines”. We authorise Sport NZ to make such enquires as it deems fit in considering the application (including banking details) and we accept and agree that details of any grant Sport NZ makes to our organisation may be made public. 

Information provided in the application may be audited 

The money paid to successful applicants came from the New Zealand Government. Sport NZ is responsible for ensuring that it achieves its intended purpose. This is addressed through the assessment process and through subsequent reviews by auditors. 

The assessment process relies on information provided in response to questions in the application form. Applicants must therefore supply some information (including annual income and costs, GST registration, and reserves and what they are committed for, and the most recent annual financial statements) to provide a view of the overall financial situation. 

By submitting an application, the applicant accepts that Sport NZ may subsequently require evidence of the accuracy of the information in the application form, and evidence of how awarded funds were spent. Funds not applied for the intended purpose are to be refunded to Sport NZ. 

Invoice for payment upon successful application 

If your application is successful, the RST will contact you to notify you of the amount you will receive, and ask you to submit an invoice for this amount. 

If the successful organisation is registered for GST: 

  • The invoice you provide must be for the amount you have been awarded plus GST at 15% 
  • The invoice must be a valid GST invoice 
  • The GST number on your invoice must match the GST number you put in the application 

If the successful organisation is not registered for GST: 

  • The invoice you provide must be for the amount you have been awarded 

Payments will be made after the RST receives a valid invoice from your organization, for the approved amount. 


Please read the FAQ. 

If you need further guidance in the application process, or experience technical difficulties submitting your application before the closing date, you can contact your relevant Regional Sports Trust. 

Application assessment process 

RSTs will first assess all complete applications against the eligibility criteria. All eligible applications will then proceed to the assessment stage. 

An overview of the process is as follows: 

  1. RST will review the eligibility of all complete applications. Those that do not meet eligibility criteria will not be assessed any further. 
  2. RST will assess eligible applications against assessment criteria. 
  3. RST may contact the applicant to seek further information or clarification. 
  4. RST will advise all applicants by email of the result of their application – either successful and the amount that will be paid, or not successful. Once you receive this email, if successful please provide an invoice to the RST for the amount you’ve been awarded. 
  5. RST will pay the awarded amount to successful applicants within ten working days of receiving the invoice. 
  6. Sport NZ and RSTs will publish a list of all successful applicants and the amounts paid to each. 

Protecting your information 

Before completing an application, please read the following information regarding Sport NZ’s obligations in relation to the information you will provide with your application. You should only proceed if you are happy to comply with these requirements. 

Official Information Act 1982 

The Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) covers how Sport NZ must handle requests for its official information. Applications for funding are among the documents that can be requested under the OIA. The general expectation, as expressed by the Chief Ombudsman, is for official information to be released (either pro-actively or in response to a request), unless there are clear grounds to withhold it. Personal information provided with your application will not be released. 

Privacy Act 1993 

The Privacy Act 1993 covers how Sport NZ and Regional Sports Trusts collect and store personal information, including personal information provided with applications for funding, and what procedures are required to protect the security of that information. It also covers how long we can keep personal information, what the personal information can be used for and when it can be disclosed. 

We might use personal information provided by you in order to conduct appropriate identity checks. 

Personal information can be corrected or updated by the applicant at any time once the information is submitted. 

For further information on the Privacy Act, please refer to the following website: 

Accuracy of your information 

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all information contained in the application is accurate. If you provide false or inaccurate information in your application or at any point in the process, and fraud is identified, we will provide details to fraud prevention agencies. You must undertake to inform all Directors, Trustees and Committee members of this notice. 

Final approved organisations

1st Tokoroa Scout Group
1st Waihi Scouts
Alpha Softball Club Incorporated
Beerescourt Bowling Club Incorporated
Cambridge Athletic & Harrier Club Incorporated
Cambridge Badminton Club (Inc)
Cambridge BMX Club
Cambridge Gymnastics Club
Cambridge Racquets Club
Cambridge Rugby Union Inc.
Cambridge Scout Group
Desert Alpine club
Eastlink Cricket Club (Inc)
Frankton Rugby Sports Club Inc
Fraser Technical Cricket Club
Gordonton Pony Club
Great Lake Taupo Hockey
Hamilton BMX Club Incorporated
Hamilton City Gymnastics
Hamilton City Netball Centre
Hamilton Cricket Association 
Hamilton East Croquet Club Inc
Hamilton Group Riding for the Disabled Incorporated.
Hamilton Inline Hockey Club Incorporated
Hamilton Volleyball Club Inc
Huntly College Old Boys RFC 
Karapiro Rowing Incorporated
Kartsport Hamilton (Inc)
Kerepehei Bowls & Sports Club Inc
Kihikihi Speedway Incorporated
Kihikihi Sports and Rugby Club 
King Country Rugby Union
Kirikiriroa Scout Group
Lake Taupo Yacht Club Incorporated
Lugton Park Squash Club
Mangakino Golf Club Inc
Maniapoto Netball Association Incorporated
Matamata Golf Club Inc.
Matamata Netball Centre Inc
Matamata Scout Group
Mercer Rowing Club
Morrinsville Scout Group
Morrinsville Squash Rackets Club Incorporated
Morrisville Bowling Club
Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty Zone Incorporated
Ngaruawahia Rugby Sports Club Inc
Northern Districts Cricket Association
Onewhero Rugby Football Clun Incorporated
Otorohanga Sports Club Inc
Paeroa Lawn Tennis & Squash Rackets Club Inc
Paeroa Netball Centre
Pio Pio Bowling Club Inc
Pirongia Forest Park Lodge
Putaruru Squash Rackets Club
Richmond Netball Club Incorporated
Riding for the Disabled - Cambridge Inc
Spiralz Rhythmics of Hamilton Incorporated
Sport n Action Waihi Charitable Trust
Squash Waikato Incorporated
St Andrews-Koromatua Branch Pony Club
St Peters Sea Scouts
Swim Waikato Inc.
Tairua Pauanui Sports Fishing Club Inc
Tauhara Te Maunga Sports Club Incorporated
Taumarunui Rugby & Sports Club 
Taupo Fishing Club Incorporated
Taupo Gliding Club Incorporated
Taupo Netball Centre Incorporated
Taupo Squash Rackets Club INc. 
Taupo Swimming Club
Te Aroha College Old Boys Rugby & Sports Club Incorporated
Te Aroha Golf Club Inc
Te Awamutu BMX Club Incorporated
Te Awamutu Group Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporated
Te Awamutu Gymsports Inc.
Te Awamutu Marist Incorporated
Te Awamutu Netball Centre (Inc)
Te Awamutu Rowing Club
Te Awamutu Rugby Sports & Recreation Club Inc
Te Awamutu Youth Development Trust 
Te Kauwhata Rugby Sports Club
Te Kuiti Scout Group
Te Kuiti Squash Rackets Club Incorporated
Te Rapa Squash Club Incorporated
Te Tamawai
Thames Bowling Club
Thames GymSports
Thames Netball Centre Inc
Thames Rugby and Sports Club Inc
Thames Squash Rackets Club Inc.
Thames Valley Hockey Association Incorporated
The College Old Boys Rugby League Club Charitable Trust
The Ngaruawahia United Association Football Club Incorporated
Tigers Sports Club (Otorohanga) Incorporated 
Tokoroa Squash Club
Tongariro R.F.C. Combined Sports & Cultural Club
Trustpower Otorohanga Netball Centre
Tuakau Districts Sea Scouts
Turn and Gymnastic Circle 
Turua Scout Group
United Matamata Sports Incorporated
United Matamata Squash Club Inc
University of Waikato Rowing Club
Waihi Bowling Club Inc.
Waikare Golf Club Te Kauwhata Incorporated
Waikaretu Sea Scouts
Waikato Badminton Association Incorporated
Waikato Basketball Council Incorporated
Waikato Clay Target Club Inc.
Waikato Combined Equestrian Group
Waikato Diving Incorporated
Waikato Golf Association Incorporated
Waikato Hockey Association Inc.
Waikato Indoor Bowling Centre NZ
Waikato Paraplegic & Physically Disable Assoc.  (Parafed Waikato)
Waikato Punjabi Badminton Club Inc
Waikato Region BMX Incorporated
Waikato Regional Volleyball Association Incorporated
Waikato Rugby Union Incorporated
Waikato Stock and Saloon Car Club Inc
Waikato Tennis Trust Inc
Waikato Tramping Club
Waikato Underwater Hockey Club Incorporated
Waikato Valley Cricket Association
Waikato Water Polo
Waitete Rugby Football Club Inc
Waitomo Golf Club
Wanderers Sports Club (Hamilton) Incorporated
Whiritoa LIfeguard Service
Whitianga Scout Group

Please read the Fund Application Form Questions before applying.