Kick Start Fund

KiwiSport WaikatoKick Start” Application Form

Closing dates for applications 14th August 2016, 30th October 2016,19th February 2017, 14th May 2017

The Kick Start Fund is exactly that, a fund that will help to Kick Start new sporting opportunity for school age students.

  • Funding will be allocated on a range of projects to ensure region wide coverage
  • Four funding rounds per year (maximum 12 month period for each project)
  • The maximum allocation to be $5,000 per project

Click here to download the Kick-Start-fund-application-form-2016-2017
For  examples of successful projects, refer to the Funded Projects tab on the right.

It is highly recommended applicants consider the following criteria before submitting their application

  • a minimum contribution of 25% in cash of in kind towards the total project costs
  • the project is not a retrospective project
  • the application is NOT just for equipment with no project outcomes
  • creating links with local clubs or schools
  • reporting requirements as specified below
  • project is supported by the relevant Regional or National Sport Organisation
Reporting Requirements
A report is required to be completed on the outcomes of the project.  Templates will be provided where appropriate.  These include a summary of the impact and overall numbers achieved as a result of the project.  A financial breakdown on what cost were associated with the project is also required.  These reports are due 2 weeks after the completion of the project

Please feel free to call or email Sport Waikato if you have any further questions regarding the suitability of your project (07) 858 5388, 027 289 9807,