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Brief Overview

Kiwisport is a government funding initiative to promote sport for school-aged children. The Regional Partnership Fund (RPF) is coordinated by Regional Sports Trusts throughout New Zealand. The allocation is calculated on a per-capita basis based on the number of students in each region.  Sport Waikato is commited to ensuring KiwiSport outcomes through the greater Waikato region.


KiwiSport Objectives

• More Kids - increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport

• More Opportunities - increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children

• Better Skills - support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport


KiwiSport So Far

Since it began, over 100,000 young people have had an involvement in KiwiSport in the Waikato!

KiwiSport has delivered sporting taster sessions in-school and afterschool throughout the greater Waikato region. Social sports modules, holiday programmes and festivals have also been set up, targeting all school aged students.

There are 13 sport specific KiwiSport officers involved with the delivery of KiwiSport. These experienced officers include a commonwealth games gold medallist, New Zealand representatives and regional rep players. Click on the ‘Meet the team’ tab below for contact details and to find out more.


Kick Start Funding - Applications now available!


Who can apply

Applications open

Applications close





Kick Start Fund

 Round 2 - Projects starting during September 2014 and March 2015

Clubs, Schools, Registered Community organisations, regional sports organisations that have not received other funding through KiwiSport

16 July 2014


27 Aug 2014

For more information on how to apply click on the appropriate tab below

Major Project Fund

A warm KiwiSport welcome to the New Year.  2013 sees KiwiSport in the Waikato continue into its 4th year.  The government funded initiative to help increase the number of school-aged children playing organised sport has been extended for a further 3 years through to 2015. 

Regional and national sporting organisations have submitted applications to be a part of the KiwiSport Major Fund Project.  This will see a continuation of specialised KiwiSport officers delivering sporting skill sessions and competitions across the greater Waikato region.  The codes involved in the KiwiSport Major Project in 2013 include;

Rugby League

The KiwiSport officers consist of Commonwealth games gold medallists, NZ representatives and numerous provincial players.  Their skills and expertise are sure to inspire and develop all levels of ability while having fun and linking to clubs.

KiwiSport Coordinator for Sport Waikato, Kerin McDonald says, “the KiwiSport projects that will be delivered in 2013 are specifically designed to help give more kids, more opportunities to develop skills.  We anticipate an increase in player numbers, teams and competitions leading to growth of local clubs.”  Sport Waikato is dedicated to supporting this growth and will continue to help parents and volunteers be up skilled.

Kick Start Fund
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It is recommended that applicants consult the project self-check form prior to filling in an application form

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KiwiSport Waikato Kick Start Fund Application Form

It is highly recommended that applicants use the Kick Start project self check form and information pack found above, prior to filling in this application.  Once you begin this online form you will need to complete it, you will not have the ability to save and come back to the application at a later date.  Please ensure you have all relevant and required information on hand.

Please complete all of the following questions.  If you require assistance or clarification with any part of this application, please do not hesitate to contact Kerin McDonald; 07 8585388, 027 4449016 or


Applications close  27 Aug 2014

Fields marked with a * are required.

Expectation:  Projects must commence within the funding round in which they are allocated

Eg; Delivery to students during school time and/or school teams being entered into an event

Expectation:  If delivery of your project is dependant on school(s) participation, support should be sort prior to a Kick Start application being submitted.

7) How many sessions will be delivered, what is the average length of a session and how many participants are expected at each session?

Please give a description and details of the proposed project.  Include what age groups will be targeted how many sessions/events will be delivered.  Please also indicate if this project or a similar project has been run before.

Expectation:  Projects should have a meaningful engagement and not simply be a taster season.  A level of sustainability should be created throughout the project.

Expectation:  Please provide measurable outcomes your project will aim to achieve.  Supply any baseline data of current involvement.  Projects will be able to be continued in the future without the reliance on Kick Start funding.

Example:  Delivery to 1000 students with an outcome of 10 new teams entered into a competition.  50 new club memberships will enable the project to be run again in the future.

10) How does your project align with the KiwiSport objectives?

Please refer to the Kick Start information pack for details of priority details

Please note funding can only be applied for in one of three funding amounts;  projects under $1500, or projects between $1501-$3000, or $3001-$5000 (plus GST if applicable).  There is a maximum of 4x$1500, 3x$3000 and 2x$5000 to be allocated.  Your application will only be considered in one of these categories based on the size and impact of the project.

14) Please give details of how the amount of Kick Start Funding applied for (indicated in question 12 above) will be spent on your project(s).


Example:  Court marking $200, tennis rackets $300, etc. 


Please use the browse buttons below to upload any quotes for equipment, etc. that would be purchased if funding was successful

Expectation:  20% or the total cost of the project should be provided by your organisation or by other supporting partners.  Examples of in-kind contributions may include facility use, volunteer support and delivery of project etc.

16) Please detail the contributions being made by your organisation or partners towards total project costs. Please tick if contribution will be monetary or in-kind


Example:  $200 for new tennis net, use of tennis centre two nights per week for ten weeks (in-kind value $300)


I hereby confirm, by submitting this form, that:

1)  I have been authorised to prepare and submit this Kick Start application form.  The information contained herein is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.

2) I have informed relevant Regional or National Sports Organisation/s of this project

3) The organisation will comply with any reasonable request from Sport Waikato to monitor performance and accountability

4) Any funding received will be used for the project for which it was approved within the agreed timeframe

5) I understand that there is an expectation that reporting will be required at the completion of the project


Privacy Act

1) Any personal information about individuals you provide in the application will be used only to assist with the administration and assessment of your application and in publishing the results of the approved investment.

2) Organisations, groups and individuals have the right to check and correct any personal information held by Sport Waikato

3) I agree that the project information can be shared with other organisations for the development of KiwiSport projects


KiwiSport Newsletter

For the laters news, events and activities about KiwiSport in the Waikato, click on one the files below!

Meet the KiwiSport team

Click the link below for contact details for the KiwiSport Team

Meet the KiwiSport team

KiwiSport Consultation Process

KiwiSport Waikato Regional Partnership Fund Review

KiwiSport Waikato Consultation
During March and April, Sport Waikato has facilitated a community consultation process to review the impact of the KiwiSport Waikato regional partnership fund during 2010-2012.  The process included reviewing of the priorities, impact and overall experience of the current KiwiSport projects.  Information was collected from clubs, schools, regional sports organisations and community groups via town forums, online surveys and face to face meetings.

Feedback received during the consultation process included:
• Positive impact of the RSO/NSO Regional Project whereby KiwiSport Officers were employed to deliver local sport to young people across the region;
• Agreement to continue supporting secondary schools to employ a sport coordinator at the same level as the previous MOE funded SportFit investment;
• Continuation of the Community Initiatives fund to build and strengthen partnerships between schools and community sports clubs;
•Ensuring a balanced portfolio of short-term and long-term projects so that the total fund is not “locked-up” indefinitely, and is able to respond to new opportunities as they emerge.

Objectives of KiwiSport
KiwiSport aims to achieve the following objectives;
•More Kids – increasing the number of school-age children participating in organised sport; during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs;
•More Opportunities – increasing the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children to participate in organised sport;
•Better Skills – to support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in organised sport.

KiwiSport Waikato Priorities
The following key priorities originally identified in 2009 were reconfirmed during the 2012 consultation process:
• Making sport for youth cost effective
•Increasing local opportunities for youth
•Encouraging adult involvement in youth sport
•Fostering links between schools and clubs


2012-2015 KiwiSport Waikato Regional Partnership Fund

Based on the results of the consultation, Sport Waikato developed a draft investment plan which was submitted to Sport New Zealand for their approval.  This was accepted on July 27th 2012 and is now being implamented by Sport Waikato.

The information below outlines the KiwiSport Regional Partnership fund in the Waikato Region over the next 3 years;

1. RSO/NSO Regional Projects

Contestable for Regional Sport and/or National Sport organisations to address the identified priorities and provide new or increased opportunities of organised sport for children aged 5-18yrs


2. Secondary School Fund

Continued support for Waikato Secondary Schools where the MOE Direct Fund calculation has affected a school’s ability to employee their Sport Coordinator, (subject to approval of a school sport plan).


3. Community Initiatives Fund

Non contestable investment to build and strengthen linkages/partnerships between schools and community sports clubs and to provide new or increased opportunities of organised sport for school-aged children.


4. Kick Start Projects

Contestable fund for small community inspired or school based initiatives that are less than $2,000 to address the identified priorities and provide new or increased opportunities of organised sport for children aged 5-18yrs.  Funding to be split throughout the 10 Districts within the Waikato Region.


For further detail on the review and investment of the 2012-2015 regional partnership fund, please contact Kerin McDonald on; work phone: 07 858-5388 or email:

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